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Estate Sale FAQ's

Q. How long is the sale process from start to finish?

A. Typically our service is a one week process from start to finish.

Q. What do I need to do to get the process started?

A. The first thing our clients need to do is set an initial appointment with us. The appointment typically lasts one hour.

During that time we will view the items being offered, consider the location of the home, discuss scheduling, special needs, expectations and also have our terms agreed upon in writing.

Q. Are there any out of pocket expenses for our clients?

A. Nothing out of pocket is required. All expenses such as labor, advertising & marketing are covered by DFW Estate Liquidators. We operate on a commission only basis.

Q. Will we need to supply any equipment such as tables for use during the sale?

A.  DFW Estate Liquidators owns a huge inventory of quality tables, table cloths, retail display cases, signage and custom items designed to benefit your sale which are provided at no cost.

Q. Should we pre-sell items before hiring DFW Estate Liquidators?

A. We highly recommend leaving all items available for the sale. Specialty, Higher Value, Collectibles & Vehicles do very well in our sales. Having one or more of these "main attractions" will boost buyer turnout and increase revenues.

Q. What happens with any remaining items that don't sell?

A. Typically our sales have a very high success rate leaving minimal items left over. Should there be anything left after the sale, we will help facilitate a bulk buyer or help arrange for donation services. Custom solutions can be made available to fit your needs.

Q. How much time do you give your buyers to remove their purchases?

A. Buyers are given until 3:30 PM on the final day of the sale to remove all purchases. This policy is communicated to all buyers to prevent our clients from having to deal with anything after the sale.  

Q. Are you fully staffed to cover all areas of the sale at once?

A. DFW Estate Liquidators has staff members positioned in all areas of our sales at all times. Our highly trained staff are experts in loss prevention as well as the knowledge & ability to "upsell" our clients items.

Q. What extra security measures do you take to prevent theft?

A. DFW Estate Liquidators incorporates a uniformed security guard as well as a portable, wireless, multi-camera video surveillence system to every sale. Professional security signage is also in use that works as a deterent. We also strategically setup our sales so that there is only one single entrance and one single exit.

Q. Do you have reqular, quality buyers for your sales?

A. DFW Estate Liquidators attracts long lines of regular, quality buyers & dealers to each of our sales. It's very common to see the same great people at all of our sales. Our diligence in marketing & advertising also brings in buyers on a national level as well as local & regional.

Q. How do you handle the proceeds from the sale as well as sales summary for me?

A. DFW Estate Liquidators places an experienced cashier at every sale to effeciently handle the flow of buyers. We've incorporated the latest in commercial cash registers and credit card readers at our sales to aid in the accuracy of sale proceeds management. We have the ability to print reports directly from our registers which are handed over to our clients along with a detailed summary report. 

Q. How long do I have to wait to receive my portion of the proceeds from the sale?

A. DFW Estate Liquidators prides themselves on the ability to pay our clients directly following the closing of the sale, while onsite.

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